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Group: Job Seeker Testimonials

Matt Moore

Molari was super helpful in finding me my current job which I am very happy in! Liz and Nicole have been awesome and super helpful. Highly recommend Molari!

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Tia Shepard

I had the honor to work with Liz she was so pleasant and friendly. She did a wonderful job finding me a position I know I’m going to love and bloom in. She really had

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Christina Conry

Molari is such a wonderful service for job seekers in Berkshire County.  They are kind, attentive and resourceful.  I had a flawless experience working with them to find the perfect temp position that led to

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Nate Sobon

Molari helped me secure a career that was an excellent fit for my experience, education, and desired direction to move in. They helped me work through my temporary position into a full time permanent position

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Heidi B, Home Health Aide

I want to thank MOLARI for all that they did to secure hazard pay and supplies needed to do our job safely for all MOLARI employees.  There is truly no better feeling knowing what you

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Maintenance Technician

I have had a few different jobs with MOLARI.  They have always helped me find a job that was a good fit.  The Recruiters worked with me to find out the job that will fit

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