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How to Navigate Your Career after COVID-19

As employees begin to reenter the working world after being furloughed or laid off, there are questions on how to navigate this new (temporary) way of living. Today we’ve compiled a list of interview questions to ask post-COVID-19, steps to make your cover letter stand out, addressing mental health in the workplace, and more. Check it out!

How to Make Career Decisions When It Seems Impossible to Plan Anything Right Now

As the pandemic surges again in many areas of this country, there are still businesses reopening and employees searching for work. This article shares tips on how to see this time as an opportunity in your career and how to navigate this new path confidently.

How to write a resume for 2020

With many aspects of job seeking moving digitally (i.e. Phone interviews), be sure you’re refreshing your resume so you stand out before that first call. We found this article had a lot of thorough advice about format, word choice and overall aesthetic for your resume.

5 COVID-19 Questions You Should Ask in A Job Interview

Job interviews are looking a bit different post-pandemic. Most are digital interviews, but beyond that obvious difference there are also new concerns and expectations. Ensure you are prepared and on any new potential job opportunity and read the article above for suggestions on COVID-19 questions to ask.