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Top 4 Cover Letter Questions Answered

Cover letters are meant to enhance your job application and are generally required for most professional job postings. They are a tool that most job seekers seem to dread.

Did you know that when working with MOLARI Employment Services, we do not require you to write a cover letter? That is just one of the many perks of seeking employment through us. But we understand you are still applying to positions on your own, so we wanted to share some advice on creating your next cover letter.

Why is a cover letter important?
Your cover letter will give a company a perspective of who you are, through your writing. Companies will read your document and if there are mistakes, or your thoughts are all over the place, this will reflect on you poorly. Your cover letter is often their first impression of you, not your resume, so do not forget to proofread!

While your resume is a concise version of your work and accomplishments, your cover letter is for expressing those achievements and skills in a more thorough and conversational manner. A cover letter also allows you to express why you are interested in the position and company. Consider your cover letter your written pitch to entice employers to contact you for an interview.

Can I use the same cover letter for every job?
Create a general cover letter that highlights your achievements and skills, and then add on to it for every job you apply for. This general cover letter will serve as a basis for every application, but you will want to tailor it depending on the job and tailor it for the company. A general format for your cover letter includes: addressing the correct person, putting a specific date, and describing your skills/accomplishments to benefit the company in the position you are interested in.

What do I research?
Once you’ve found a position you are interested in, begin to research the company to find out more about them. In this research you want to get a basic understanding of how the company operates. Apply your research to the body of your cover letter. Clarify how each of your accomplishments makes you a good fit for the company, due to certain similarities you found during your research. Be specific. Understand what you can bring to the table to bring value to the company if you were hired. Allow your personality to shine through, while keeping it professional.

What if a cover letter is not required?
If your job application has a place to upload your cover letter, upload it. Including a cover letter gives more of a first impression of you and will allow the hiring manager a better understanding of your intentions and qualifications.