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How to get help with your COVID-19 Job Search

Job searching is tough. Job searching during a pandemic is truly some uncharted territory. The good news? Here are MOLARI Employment & HealthCare Services we’re here to help you get back to work. Joining our community of job seekers, gets you closer to the Berkshire County companies who are hiring. How? We work closely with the hiring managers at many companies in the Berkshires. Best yet? We have over 36 years’ experience recruiting in Berkshire County, so you can say we know our stuff.

Here are three ways our dedicated recruiters can help you find work during COVID-19:

1. Join the MOLARI Community of job seekers
Once you join the MOLARI community (apply here) you will be scheduled for a phone interview with one of our recruiters. This interview is to get to know you, review your career path and what you’re looking for next. Come prepared with questions and know what you’re looking for, this will help us to find you your next fit.

2. Build a relationship.
You should be actively staying in touch with your recruiter, this ensures that when new jobs come in that you’re top of mind! We want to know if your availability changes, or you’re looking for a new career path.

3. Use the services we offer
We offer digital interview tips & resume workshops, both classes are concise and will help you to fresh up your skills. We offer career coaching for those who are looking to change their career path. For those with high-level skills, who find it hard to find openings in their field, we offer Skill Marketing. What that means is that we don’t wait for a job opening in that field. We will actively reach out to the hiring managers at companies in the county who are looking for qualified individuals like yourself.

Additional tips for seeking help outside of using our services:
Whether you recently lost your job, are new to the job market, or have been job searching since before the pandemic, you may wonder if it’s OK to ask for help when so many people are going through a hard time. Yes, it is always OK to ask for help, however you may want to take a different approach due to the current climate.

1. Be specific.
With any outreach, you want to have ask for something specific. By nature, people are more likely to help when they know exactly what they can do to help. Whether you’re reaching out to colleagues individually, or crafting a general LinkedIn post, specifically ask for what you’re seeking. Whether it’s tips on networking in this pandemic era, advice on working in a specific industry or even if they know who is hiring for a specific role you’re seeking. When you are specific and give them the opportunity to answer with a concrete yes or no, you’ll likely see more responses and suggestions.

2. Be empathetic.
This time in our lives is uncharted territory for everyone. Everyone is struggling to some degree right now, understand that and be empathetic in your outreach. Be sure to take a personal approach to your outreach, be sincere and inquire about how they are doing. Start every outreach with heartfelt questions about them and their loved ones. Keep your outreach personalized and conversational, obviously please be considering how well you know those you’re reaching out to.

3. Be patient.
Now is not the time to follow up to any outreach after only a couple of days. This is not the time to pressure. If you haven’t heard back in a week or two, its ok to gently and politely check in. Most of all, don’t take their silence personally. We are all juggling a lot. Be prepared that you may have to reach out to more people than usual to find someone who will help.